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Fun for young and old

Our craft courses

Our craft courses are very popular and offer older children and their parents the opportunity to make from natural materials such as hay, moss or wool beautiful decorative items. We show you step by step how you can conjure up the most beautiful things from simple natural materials. Tinkering on vacation is already much more than just a nice job, if the sun once hidden behind the clouds. Finally, you have the opportunity to make an ultimate vacation souvenir that reminds you at home throughout the year at your holiday on our farm in the course of our craft courses.

Roter Hahn

Crafting for young and old

Crafts on holiday with children

Older children who are a little more experienced in dealing with scissors or a hot glue gun already, learn in our courses that Mother Nature holds very wonderful materials. The feeling to design from simple things a real treasure, makes the children proud and boosts self-confidence. In addition, the feel, smell and shapes of various natural materials stimulates all the senses and gives your children the opportunity to train their fine motor skills. No wonder that our guests are always quite agree: Tinker on holiday with children is entertaining and educational at the same time!

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